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As we move forth into October we’re noticing that there is a lot going on energetically. However, one big event a lot of people are looking forward to or nervous about is the full moon to occur on Halloween itself.

This moon will be a blue moon and is also known as the Hunter’s moon. While it holds interesting energies and is quite powerful, it’s not going to be affecting us all the same. There are some signs who will be facing tons of change and others who may not notice much of a difference in their lives at all.

This full moon in itself is going to challenge all we know and all we wish to find moving forth in life. Yes, October is full of chaos and will prove to be quite an issue for some of us but it will force us all to grow in ways we otherwise would not be capable of. Your intentions and goals overall will be highlighted during this full moon drastically.

Below I am going to go over the zodiac signs that may end up affecting the least by this moon and while you might be excited that yours is on the list, that doesn’t mean you’re still going to be without some effects. We are all going to be facing different things during the time this moon rules over us whether we want to or not. Perhaps some of those on this list will be jealous of those who are more affected because when you’re not getting a lot of energy from this kind of thing, you’re not really capable of accomplishing all you desire, now are you?

These 5 Zodiac Signs Won’t Have Much To Worry About During Halloween’s Blue Moon:

1. Gemini

This moon for the Gemini is not going to be mixing things up too much. You may actually find that it provides for you a chance to relax more properly than usual but that in itself is nothing compared to the things others will be facing. While you will be gaining a lot, you will not be enduring anything near what others will during this full moon.

2. Libra

This full moon for the Libra is going to bring a lot of inner searching. While others are breaking free and speaking out you will be turning inward and working on some things that you normally would be overlooking. This moon is your chance to work through the things you’ve been carrying with you for so long.

3. Virgo

For Virgos, this moon is going to give you a gentle nudge and allow you to own up to your past all the while taking hold of your future. This will not be something you are forced to deal with but it is something you have to think through before moving forward. This moon will not hold your hand if you choose to ignore the things before you but it will give you a chance worth taking.

4. Capricorn

The moon before you as a Capricorn will give you a chance to make better choices in life and really live more properly. You’ve been facing a lot as of late and there is nothing wrong with reaching out and taking the help offered to you. As a Capricorn, you may not want to take that help and you may draw away but at the end of the day, figuring out what you need to do will be something you must work towards.

5. Taurus

For the Taurus, the full moon is going to be something that lets you really come to terms with the things that you’ve been going through lately. There is a lot you need to do and overall there is also a lot you need to get done in order to remain as comfortable as possible. Life has lots of ups and downs but if you turn back now all you’ve done will have been for nothing. This moon will remind you to stick down the path you’ve laid out but at the end of the day, you still can turn back if you so choose.