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The winter Solstice is finally here and with that, over the next few weeks, we will all be feeling a bit different. Some zodiac signs will be feeling down-and-out while others will be quite on top of the world.

If you are feeling out of place but ready to move forth chances are you’re one of the few who will be truly growing during this time. While this Solstice might not seem like much to us as a whole the more you learn about it the more you will see the effects it has had in your life. Sure, we all have different things to face, and we all have to change on our own but there are several signs who have been kicked into high gear, literally.

Below I am going to go over the zodiac signs who have gained the most from this Solstice and break down the energies at play. However, if you’re not on this list don’t be discouraged you can still work to use these energies in your life if you’re truly ready for them to present themselves. As we move into 2020 things are about to get quite interesting, to say the least.


This Solstice has you finally ready to take a big leap. While in the past you’ve had your doubts about moving forward your chance is here. The opportunities before you are some of the best possible ones and you need to make your moves. 


This Solstice has you finally ready to put the people who matter to you first. You’re going to be focusing on your friendships and relationships with those who you care deeply for. While over the past few months you’ve let them fall through the cracks, you’re not going to be willing to do that any longer.


This Solstice is going to bring forth some challenging energies for you but not in a bad way. You’re going to realize that the place you’ve been staying in is not right for you. You’re ready to move forward and you cannot do that if you keep grounding yourself in the past. Perhaps now is the perfect time to really set things in motion.


This Solstice for you is something that has you ready to make changes. You’re finally in a place within your own mind where you’re truly motivated. Sure, you’ve been facing rough patches for a while now but all of that is about to come to an end. You finally have a proper plan and putting that plan into action isn’t going to be as hard as you expect it to be.


This Solstice for you is going to remind you that you are only human. We all make mistakes and your mistakes do not define who you are. You are going to be taking some time from here and until these energies have left to really work to understand yourself better. Self-love for you during this time cannot be compromised.