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By studying the placement of the sun, moon and the planets throughout the zodiac astrologists are often able to give us a surprisingly accurate idea of what is to come. This is due to the incredible influence that the planets have over the energy that we experience on a daily basis. This may impact our love lives, the careers that we pursue, struggles we face or accomplishments that we experience throughout our lives.

For some, this year will be an easy one, but for a select few signs, the months to come are going to be anything be desirable. Instead, these individuals will discover that 2019 is a time where all the areas in their life that require their attention for one reason or another will be brought to the forefront. Weaknesses will be highlighted, mistakes will be brought to the forefront and unresolved pain from our past will once again find it’s way into the spotlight.

The purpose of this shift isn’t to bring us unnecessary pain or suffering, but rather to present us with the opportunities necessary to learn important life lessons, opening the door for change, growth, and discovery. For 5 zodiac signs, these changes are going to be life-changing. This is going to be an overwhelming year full of incredible highs and challenging lows, but if you allow yourself to embrace the opportunity for change you will come out of it a better person than before.

The 5 Zodiac Signs Who Will Experience Life Altering Changes in 2019:


Prior to 2019 your schedule and routine were clearly established. Grounded and incredibly stubborn, you have decided what works for you and you aren’t interested in changing it any time soon. This year you are going to be pushed well out of your comfort zone as your routine undergoes and dramatic and exciting change. In order to keep up with all that you are about to face, you will discover new aspects of your personality including an incredible confidence that was previously buried away from the world. This confidence is going to carry you far, bringing new experiences and growth in your career and your love life.


While you come across as bold and confident to those around you, the truth is that you don’t entirely understand yourself. In fact, there is arguably more to your personality that is untapped and unexplored than the sides that you are familiar with. This is where you will experience change in 2019. As you explore your heart and soul you will discover strengths that will work directly to help you reach your goals and dreams. The process of discovery will not always be easy, but if you stick to the path ahead you will be rewarded greatly.


You have spent most of your life hiding behind your fear of failure, obsessing over the details and being seen as nothing more than an introvert and a perfectionist. It’s not that you don’t enjoy spending time with everyone else, you have just established a comfort zone in the shadows. This year you are going to be pushed out of your shell and into the spotlight, forcing you to take control of your path in life. This may manifest in a career change, a major change in your relationship status or a complete makeover. Follow your gut and go for it.


Life, for a Capricorn, centers entirely on details, facts, and logic. In fact, you actually struggle to bring your emotions and feelings into the pictures as it’s not something you genuinely focus your attention on. This will change as you make your way through 2019. Not only will you be forced to acknowledge that you do possess an incredible capability to feel, but you will explore your heart and what it really wants in this life. Previously you may have seen this as a weakness that you refused to feed into, however, as you face great challenges this year you will discover that your heart is actually an incredible strength that can lead you through life’s most difficult battles.


You have an incredible gift to connect with the energy of the Universe in a way that no one else around you can even begin to comprehend. You possess an incredible sense of intuition that, when you listen to it, will rarely, if ever, steer you wrong. For you, 2019 is going to be the point in your life where you stop sitting back and allowing life to happen. As you face some significant trials you will be forced to take the wheel and fully take control, refusing to allow others to push you aside or walk over you. This newfound strength is the driving point that will guide you to true success in life.