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Halloween is a very fun time of year and the spooky season itself is something a lot of people look forward to. That being said, it is not for everyone. 

While I love Halloween and most of the people in my close circle do as well, not everyone does. There are people in this world who despise the holiday for a lot of reasons and others who just don’t find it to be any fun. That is, however, not the case for the signs listed below. If your sign made this list you are all about putting the ‘trick’ in ‘trick or treat.’


Gemini people love letting their spooky side shine. They are all about playing pranks on the people closest to them and usually do a lot of fun things when Halloween is nearing. Gemini people don’t have to try hard to really excel during this time but when they put serious efforts forth they really pay off.


Sagittarius people are very interested in the festivities surrounding Halloween. They love to scare people and this is in their minds the best time to do-so. They go out of their way to try out as many haunted houses and scary situations as they possibly can.


Leo people are always interested in having fun and being around the people that adore them. They always have the best costumes and best themes when it comes to really celebrate things properly. Everyone wants to be invited to the Halloween party that the Leo throws but it’s very exclusive.


Aquarius people are usually sneaking out and rolling yards or doing other things of the sort throughout the spooky season. They have a sense of humor like nothing else, the more time they spend getting things over on others the more fun they end up having. If you are close to an Aquarius, chances are you’re expecting some pretty interesting pranks this year.


Pisces people are extremely creative and so decorating for them is always fun. They go out of their ways to really ensure that things are being done properly and turning out well. You never know what to expect from the Pisces but you know it will be FANTASTIC nonetheless.

Now, if your sign wasn’t present on this list but you still love the spooky season, embrace it. You don’t have to be on this list to get into the spirit of Halloween. There are always exceptions to this kind of thing but when it comes to Halloween the five signs listed above always go above and beyond to make the most of it.

What will you be doing this Halloween? Do you have plans to mix things up or are you going to be staying home? It seems the older I get the more I want to go out and enjoy things as they are.