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We all have our own traits and qualities, but have you ever noticed how different the zodiac signs are from one another? The 12 can be broken down into so many different categories.

Some of the signs come off as one way when they are actually the complete opposite or they have traits that conflict big time. These are the signs that seemingly live double lives, no they don’t have two homes or things like that, but they do come off as two different people sometimes. While you might think one thing of them when you meet them, as time goes by you will see them for who they truly are whether you like them or not.


Geminis are a bit confusing, to say the least. They at first glance are kind and fun to be around, but as you get to know them you realize how conflicting their traits are. They are very curious and always love to talk, they are constantly gathering information and never forget anything. They change in the blink of an eye and tend to either withdraw or completely cut contact without a word.


The Scorpio comes into your life making you think that he or she is going to be there forever, but as time goes by they kind of begin slipping in that aspect. They seem secure and comfortable for a while, but then become quite jealous and overly protective. That being said, if you can both get on the same page being with a Scorpio is wonderful. You just have to be able to keep them interested.


The Virgo is shy and interesting at first but the closer you get to him or her the more critical they become. They are kind and gentle at first but tend to be a bit overly cold once you get to know them. They are a sign that tends to go through extremes but they are, however, always loyal. I guess you could say they are a sign that you have to know how to handle.


The Libra is someone that comes off as very selfish and vain, to begin with. He or she might not seem like someone you would want to be around, but as time goes by you will learn that this person is very emotional and kind. The Libra is someone that likes to put a shield over his or her heart. Once you overcome that you will see this person for who he or she truly is.


The Taurus is someone that will give a lot more than most other signs. He or she will always be there for the people who matter. When you first meet a Taurus you might think he or she is the nicest person you’ve ever come across, but eventually, you will see their dark side. The Taurus lets things build up to a point where exploding is inevitable. When the Taurus explodes it leaves you wondering how to continue on with this person.