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There’s no denying that our zodiac signs have a lot of influence over our personality. If you don’t believe me, I highly challenge you to study up on the different signs and then compare them to the people you know- I promise you, you’d be shocked at some of the personality profiles and how accurate they can be!

One aspect of how the zodiac influences our personality is on an emotional level. While some signs are extremely emotional, others are straight-up borderline psychopaths. Sorry, no hate intended, but it is what it is. To demonstrate this, below I have listed the five zodiac signs who are pros at hiding their emotions. It’s likely after reading this list, you will be comparing all of your friends and their signs to the list provided below. Enjoy. 🙂


From the outside looking in, the Libra can be quite deceiving. Most people would believe that they have no emotion at all, but that is not the case. They are just amazing at hiding their emotions and bottling them up. The thing is, though, when you have pushed a Libra beyond their ability to bottle their emotions, watch out because they WILL explode.


Taurus signs are typically pretty distant (emotionally speaking) from people they do not know well. To be honest, it’s hard trying to pry beneath the surface even if you are close to a Taurus. And it’s not because they don’t feel, it’s because they tend to be skeptical of others.


Aquarius is kind of a strange animal because they pretty much have the biggest disdain for feelings. They don’t care to hear about yours or to demonstrate their own. But, much like those above, they DO feel. They just aren’t the best at navigating through those feelings, so they prefer to pretend they don’t exist.


Virgos have BIG hearts, but they tend to keep things on the practical side. That means, for the most part, they aren’t going to share their feelings. They will discuss their day at work, they will tell you how something should be done (the right way) and they will sit down and balance their checkbook with you, but it’s highly unlikely they will get a lovey-dovey and pour out their heart to you.


First off, I’d like to point out that three out of the five who made this list are the only Earth signs in the zodiac. And much like Virgo, Capricorn tends to keep things on the practical side of things. A lot of people might believe that Capricorn is a machine, without a heart, but they have huge hearts. The thing is, they don’t like to show that, for fear that their feelings will be inappropriately displayed, so they tend to bottle them up.