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Sagittarius season is finally here and with that, we are all going to be feeling a bit flighty. However, there will be some signs really benefiting while others are suffering in a number of ways.

Each time we move into the season for a different sign there is a shift and this one has us all feeling pretty peculiar. Some of us are fighting hard to hold back while others are embracing these energies and taking to the wind. Regardless of what you’re feeling right now at this moment, as this unfolds some of us are really going to be growing drastically.

Below I am going to go over the signs that are going to be benefiting the most from Sagittarius Season and how it’s going to work to shape them. If your sign made this list don’t be afraid, these things might be hard to face, but they’re going to be really allowing you to come forth in a huge way and find yourself once and for all.


For you, this Sagittarius Season is going to remind you that sometimes we have to be willing to think outside the box. While you’re still going to be working hard you’re going to be doing things in new ways and trying to really come up with ways to accomplish more with less effort. The more willing you are to look at things from an outside perspective the more progress you will find yourself making.


For you, this Sagittarius Season is going to be bringing you to new places and have you finally speaking your mind without biting your tongue. You’re going to be taking the time to do new things and experience situations you otherwise would avoid. As time passes between now and December you’re going to be finding your truth and living the life of someone who is ‘free.’


For you, this Sagittarius Season is going to be a lot more confusing for you than anything else. You’re going to be going through changes that make you question yourself. While the energies around you are heating up you’re not sure what direction to go in. If you trust your heart and remain true to yourself you will find quite the experience waiting ahead. Now is the time to really break free of your comfort zone which for some reason you’ve been avoiding lately.


For you, this Sagittarius Season is going to have you looking for love. You’re going to be feeling disconnected from the people around you which is not something you’re used to. Perhaps getting out of the current place you’re in will do you some good. Could a vacation really be in order?


For you, this Sagittarius Season is going to be a cake-walk, literally. You’re going to be doing whatever you want and embracing this season for all it is. Celebrate all you can now and really dive into the freedom that you’re being offered because once this is all over you’re going to have to come back to reality. You have responsibilities that cannot be ignored for long.