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While Venus is currently retrograding in Scorpio it will be re-entering Libra very soon. On October 31st Venus will re-enter Libra and change everything for us all.

Below I am going to go over the signs that will be affected the most. While some will be affected in good ways, not all will. Let these things really sink in and think them over. You cannot change what is to come but you can be aware of it.


Things are going to be falling apart in your life in more ways than you are willing to admit. Venus going into Libra is going to have you rethinking a lot of connections within your life. You are going to be breaking things off with someone or really considering it. While this might not seem like something you would normally do as this whole ordeal is underway you will be really getting to know yourself.


You are going to be feeling very conflicted during the time that Venus is retrograding in Libra. You are going to be face to face with something from your past and all the while trying to move forward with your future. This will not be easy to overcome but you can do it. You can handle anything the universe sends your way. Just remember to think before you act.


This whole ordeal is going to be quite dramatic for you. You are normally a very outgoing person but during this time things will be very different. Chances are you will be working on some things that other people are ignoring during this time. You are always focused on connections so these energies are going to be pushing you towards the opposite.


Because Venus is going to be in your sign and retrograding you will be reaping a lot of the benefits that come forth. While you will be quite tense and frustrated throughout most of it you will be gaining a lot as time passes. You will be forced to figure out what it is YOU want in your life and how you feel you need to go about getting those things done.


Venus retrograding in Libra is going to be making you feel a lot more romantic. You will be focusing on your love life as most will during this time, but you also have some tough decisions to make. Do you want to squash your independent spirit or do you need more space than a real relationship is worth.