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As we all know the Autumn or September equinox is almost here. It will take place on the 23rd of this month and while most of us will be feeling quite energetically charged, not everyone will.

There are a few signs that will actually not be as affected by this event as they might assume. This is because of several things and isn’t necessarily bad. Below I am going to go over those signs and some of what they might experience rather than the surge others will be facing. While they will get some effects, overall what these signs find will be nothing in comparison to the rest.


As an Aries, this equinox is going to give you the break you’ve been needing. Rather than pushing you to do something or forcing you down and out, it is going to give you the chance to just exist comfortably. During this time chances are you’re going to take a break and really focus on your own well-being which is always a good idea. Sure, everyone around you is going to be quite busy but that isn’t going to affect you much.


This equinox is almost here and while you can feel the things happening around you, you can’t really see where they’re coming from. You’re going to be doing your best to break free from your normal routine as this event is present in our lives which is going to do some good for you. Regarding the energies brought forth, you’re not going to be feeling much, while you see people finding their own balance and growing from this experience, you are not going to be able to do-so just yet.


As a Gemini, you love to talk but this event might remind you that sometimes saying nothing is your best option. You’re going to be spending time with people you care about and forgetting the problems you’ve been facing in recent times. Slow down and see what happens, don’t push anything that isn’t meant to be.


You’re finally being given the opportunity to take a break from the things going on in your life and you need to keep that in mind moving forward. Think things through and see where you end up once all is said and done. While things might seem fine in the current moment, you’re going through something serious that you refuse to accept.


This equinox isn’t going to save you from yourself. You are not going to be finding balance just yet. You need to work within to figure out where you’re heading and what parts of your life you need to let go of. Perhaps more change is needed in your life than you’re willing to admit. Be true to who you are, and stop caring what other people think.