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While some of us would much rather sleep in a separate room from our partner, not everyone is that way. Some people crave the presence of the person they love the most while sleeping.

When it comes to the different zodiac signs, it is very clear that they all view their partners in their own unique ways. But some are a lot clingier than others. Below I am going to go over the different zodiac signs that cannot stand to sleep alone. If your sign didn’t make the list it doesn’t mean you don’t like sleeping with your partner, just that you could go without it a lot easier than the signs listed.

5 Zodiac Signs That Cannot Stand To Sleep Without Their Lover Beside Them:


Cancer people are not the kind to be separate from their partners for any length of time. They are very sentimental and wouldn’t last long with someone they couldn’t spend a lot of time with. They when in love want to be right by their partner’s side. They are very lovey-dovey and when they have to spend the night away from their partner, it crushes their soul.


Taurus people need to have their lovers in bed with them at night because it makes them feel safe. They rely on their lovers for a lot of their comfort and this is no exception. Even in their dream state, it seems like they can feel whether the person they’re with is beside them or not. They often wake up a lot when their partner is not with them.


Aquarius people are the kind to downplay the importance of sleeping with their partner but also not to want to sleep without them. They love to feel cared for and when they’re resting nothing is better than holding their partner’s hand or snuggling up close to one another. This sign loves to show affection when one on one.


Pisces people are all about love. They can sometimes be a bit much but really just like expressing themselves. When they go to bed they can’t sleep well unless they have someone beside them. They want their partner to be there to make noises through the night even if just a small grunt here and there. The Pisces is the kind of person who will complain about your snoring but also love every second of it.


Virgo people love to feel wanted and when you’re beside them holding them and scratching their backs while they fall asleep it’s like heaven. These people are some of the neediest but also the ones who would never admit it. They need their partners to keep them company even when they’re resting.