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We know that Mercury is retrograding right now and will be retrograding until after Valentine’s day has passed, but we’re all facing unique energies within reason. What your zodiac sign is going to face might not be the same as what someone else’s is and so forth.

As we move through the days during which this celestial event is going to be happening we are really going to be stepping out of our comfort zones and some of us are going to be much more emotional than we typically would be or would like to be. While that in the long-run might be more positive than negative, it isn’t going to feel like it at first.

Below I am going to go over the four zodiac signs that are going to be more in their feels than the rest. While you could still be emotional even if you’re not on this list, you’re not going to be facing the extremes these signs listed will. I, for one, am glad my sign didn’t make the list.


Tensions are going to be high throughout this retrograde and that could make or break things with the people closest to you. If you lash out and let your anger get the best of you things could go south quickly. You really need to get to the root of what you’re feeling whether you think you’re ready to or not.


As a Cancer, you tend to already take everything to heart but right now you’re going to be doing that to the extreme. Things will get better, but you’ve got to stop cutting yourself short. Don’t let crushes and things of that nature sweep you off of your feet too quickly, that has never been something that has worked out too well for you in the past. Start trying to learn from your mistakes, please.


You’re going to be thinking a lot more and trying to get out the things you’re feeling within. While this is good, you need to address things inside of yourself before you bring them out. Sure talking to others can help you work through things, but some things do not need to be said. Work within and then bring others into the mix. Make sure the things you are saying are actually things that do need to come out.


Right now you’re dwelling far too much on the past and this retrograde is to blame in a lot of ways. While this will help you work through a lot, you have to be willing to work through things internally if you want to also address them externally. I know, you’re not typically the type to do this but now is as good a time as any.