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While the full moon is not a negative event, for some of us it can really feel as though it is. If you’re feeling down and out already, chances are this moon is only going to enhance those emotions.

The coming full moon on November 30th will be in Gemini and bring with it tension, relationship issues, and so much more. I for one think that it’s going to run many of us through the wringer. Below I am going to go over some of the signs that might end up facing the worst of the things this moon has to offer but please keep in mind, even when facing the worst, you’re able to grow and progress.


You really need to stop obsessing over things you cannot change and this moon is going to force you to face that whether you want to or not. You’re going to be an emotional wreck as this moon unfolds. That being said, it might benefit you in ways you never expected.


This moon for you is going to be throwing you all over the place but also showing you that you’re putting focus in the wrong places. You are not paying close enough attention to the people you love and instead trying to pretend that you care. Now is your chance to make things right.


Moving on is hard but this moon is trying to make sure you know that is what you need to do. You’ve been through so much and enough is enough. Don’t think about the consequences, just do what is best for you in the moment you’re facing.


You are unable to run now and that scares you to your core. You are the kind of person that loves to cut ties and move on but now there are things tying you to where you are. Perhaps now you’re going to have to come face to face with the reality you’ve built for yourself.