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While we all know Valentine’s day is just around the corner some of us are going to be benefiting more than others. If you’re wanting to make the most of the energies around you, perhaps you need to dive into what those energies may hold for you.

If your sign made the list below, you’re going to be feeling far more romantic than usual as the days continue to roll on by. This could be a wonderful thing or it could really bite you in the rear if you don’t think all of your efforts through. The holiday before us is not one that we tend to think much about as a whole but in many ways, it holds a very unique energy.


Because you’re feeling a little left out you’re going to be overcompensating with the romantic stuff. You might not be thinking too much of it but there is a reason for the things going on right now. While nothing is perfect, your partner is going to think it is perfect for them and they’re going to be glad the things you’re doing are coming from you. Embrace your quirkiness as you step into tomorrow.


You are excited for the things to come and have already begun showering the one you love with expensive gifts. As someone who hasn’t gotten to really spoil someone as much as you have wanted to throughout the years, the energies around you are going to have you going romantic overboard.


As the days continue to pass you’re really cooking up a very romantic plan for the holiday this weekend holds. You are going to do something for your partner that you have never done before and well, you’re a bit nervous. Perhaps you should take a step back and let your mind relax. Everything will be just fine.


As romance begins to flood your mind, you’re going to be thinking of all the cute things you can do for the people closest to you. While you might not realize it the smallest things make the biggest impacts. You don’t have to go big or go home, your efforts are not going without being noticed. However, that isn’t going to stop you whether you’re reminded or not. You’re really working on something amazing.