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While we don’t quite know what all 2021 is going to hold we do know that astrologically some people are going to have it better than others. Some of us will be all over the place and stressed while others will be picking up the pieces of their lives and trying to make sense of what they’re facing.

Below I am going to go over some of the zodiac signs that seem as if they will end up the luckiest as the coming year unfolds. That being said, just because your sign isn’t on this list doesn’t mean you’re going to have a terrible year, it just means you might have to work a little harder. Overall this year is going to be very healing and powerful for us all, do not forget that.


For the Aries this year is going to highlight things that need to be worked on and push them to really break the mold. They’re going to be focusing on their relationships with the people they care about and putting the time they need to into making people feel loved. This sign is going to grow a lot throughout 2021 and through that, they’re going to seriously feel luckier than ever.


The Cancer in 2021 is going to be making progress in huge ways. Things are really looking up. If you can stick to your routine and not get too burned out you’re going to go far. This year is all about growth and you’re facing opportunity after opportunity. Things are finally going to be falling into place.


For you as a Scorpio, trust is something you’ve been struggling with. This year is going to be all about finding ways to figure out who you can trust and making the most of that. You’re going to be very lucky because you’re going to be cutting out those who do not belong in your life and growing with those who do. This is going to be hard but it’s also going to put you in a better place overall.


As a Pisces 2021 is going to have you feeling all over the place but not in a bad way. You’re going to be showing your passionate side and really breaking through to the people around you. As you grow the world around you will also be growing. You’re going to find that one good thing after another is happening because you’re on the path you need to be on, finally.