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Pisces season is here and many of you have probably already been feeling the effects, but for these 4 zodiac signs that has not been a good thing.

Each year around this time the Sun takes the meandering path through Pisces. This, leading the collective through what most would call a collective of energies. Pisces is the most complex sign of the zodiac and this can make Pisces season feel like a huge blur.

If you are one of these four signs, hold your breath because you are in for a wild ride!


The Aries might suddenly find themselves feeling as if they have less energy than usual. You will be craving a surge of passion that will probably never come. However, it is best not to let it get the best of you! Make it a point to slow down during this time and catch up on some desperately needed rest. Use this time to reconnect with your inner voice and to explore your psychic abilities. Take some time for yourself, it will be over soon and your birthday is on the way!


It is going to be a very emotionally sensitive time with physical and intimacy issues coming into full force. As well as complicated issues surrounding shared resources such as debt, taxes, and/or inheritance. Try not to stress out too much, Leo! Take some time to recuperate and remember, you do not have to stay positive all the time. There is a time and a place for everything!


For most Sagittarius people, 2019 has been an amazing year, right? Pisces season is a completely different story! You will find yourself feeling a bit moodier than normal and just a general feeling of being out of place. Take it easy during this time, rest and recharge because you will be coming back full force in no time.


While this won’t necessarily be the ‘worst’ time for you, it is a very complicated time. It is really important to reflect on wealth, spending, budgeting and your relationship with money. Fun, right? You should also take this time to reflect on your own sense of self-worth. Are you asking for enough at work? Are you getting enough from your relationships to the people closest to you?