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As you may know, there is going to be a full moon on Halloween this year and it’s going to be very emotionally charged. This full moon is a blue moon and well, with it comes more energies than most of us think we can handle.

While a lot of people will be heavily affected by this full moon, some people will end up being much more influenced by it than others. Below I am going to go over the signs that will be getting the most out of this full moon whether they want to or not and well, the more aware you are depending on your sign the better. If your sign is not on this list, don’t be too down you are still going to be feeling the things this moon has to offer just fine.

This full moon will be most affecting the signs listed below and for some that might be a good thing but for the rest, it could tear things apart. It’s important to remember that during celestial events like this one, we’re all meant to grow in our own ways. Take the things listed under your sign to heart and be on the lookout for them, knowing before things fully hit might help really bring you to where you need to be. Again, if your sign isn’t present that only means you’re not going to be feeling things as intensely as these signs, not that this full moon is going to overlook you. This full moon will not overlook anyone entirely.


This full moon is going to push you to really break free from the status quo and make you want to do more of the things you’ve been putting off. This period is not one for you to be working hard and more-so one for you to relax and see things as they are. Use this chance to experience new things and allow yourself to flow properly. Life is short and you’re not living the life you want to live whether you’re ready to admit that to yourself or not.


This full moon for the Cancer is going to be conflicting for a lot of reasons. If you’re feeling mixed up inside right now, it’s probably these energies making themselves known even now. You’re a very intense person but right now you really need to tone it down. Start cutting ties with those who bring nothing but drama into your life. I know, it’s hard but you can do it.


This full moon for you is going to present a lot of opportunities for you. You’re going to be working harder with the person you care about the most and trying to make things work. I know, times are hard and things are getting rough but if you feel like this is where your heart wants to be, perhaps now is your chance to make the leap you’ve been holding off on making.


This full moon is not going to be easy on you in any sense of the word. You’re going to be feeling as if the whole world is against you and in many ways feeling like the spotlight might not be your thing anymore. There is nothing wrong with taking a step back to figure things out. Perhaps you should be lowering your tone and looking in new areas. If one thing isn’t working, then find something else to try. You can be whoever you want to be if you’re willing to make the changes that you need to make.