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Each year brings us a plethora of celestial events, and 2019 will be no different! However, while many of us have gotten used to pure chaos, you can rest your mind and heart more easily this year, as the planets have a surprise for us all!

Usually, we have several planets moving backwards, or in retrograde, months on end each year. Fortunately for us all, Mars and Venus will not be going retrograde this year. When planets go retrograde, they can cause issues for various aspects of our lives. From our love, to our finances, and even for our communication skills, these retrogrades are known for chaos!

And what this means for ALL OF US, is that we can finally expect a break in our love lives. Of course, we will all have our ups and downs, but the planets will finally be working in our favor.

Basically, as long as we put in the work, and are paired up with someone we match well with- things should go smoothly, even despite the day-to-day ups and downs that ALL relationships endure.

And to add even more planetary flavor to the mix, especially regarding your love life, Jupiter moved into Sagittarius in November 2018, and will be stationed there until December 2019. This will add an optimistic jolt to our love lives, and give our heart the break it has been needing for quite some time.

So, rest your head on your lover’s shoulder, or go ahead and proceed into that relationship that has been drawing you in, and remember that as long as you and this person is compatible- it will be smooth sailing all year long!
And for those of you who are single, this year will be especially promising if you are seeking the comfort of a relationship.