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There are some pretty unexpected things present in all the products we consume and sometimes the reality of what those things are can be quite gross. For instance, have you ever wondered what could be present in your pre-ground coffee?

Because pre-ground coffee beans are ground in mass numbers can while in large poles before being ground become infested with cockroaches, grinding them up with the beans has become a normal practice. The FDA allows certain amounts of this kind of thing within our coffee and other products which is why it is able to happen. You see, when cockroaches infest coffee beans in such a large quantity, removing every single one isn’t necessarily possible.

This was all gone over during an NPR interview and stated by Dr. Douglas Emlen who happens to be an entomologist. You can hear him speak on the topic by clicking here and moving to the 34-minute mark. Sure, it sounds disgusting but if no one told you, you would never be aware and it’s not in all pre-ground coffee just some of it. Because it’s a risk that can occur it is something we have to consider.

Now, according to the FDA’s website, no more than 10 percent of the total coffee beans can consist of cockroaches or insects overall. Yes, 10 percent is still a lot but according to the FDA at this level, it shouldn’t cause any harm or hurt anyone overall when consumed. This kind of thing is just a ‘natural or unavoidable defect.’

If you are someone who likes to get the day going by stopping for coffee or making your own, this can leave a bad impression in your mind and a bit of a gross taste in your mouth after learning about it. However, even though this is a reality we face not many are willing to give up their coffee over it. That being said, you could just opt for freshly ground coffee beans or grinding your own. 

Tins of pre-ground coffee are convenient but not everyone wants to risk eating even trace amounts of cockroaches and that’s fine. Making the switch to freshly ground might be a bit more expensive but if it helps you sleep better at night, go for it. That being said, if you’ve suddenly developed an allergy to pre-ground coffee perhaps it’s not the coffee you’re allergic to as some people can become allergic to cockroaches. 

What do you think about all of this? I for one don’t think it’s as gross as it sounds but it does raise some questions. Will you still be drinking coffee after this?

For more information on some other gross things that are allowed within the products, we consume feel free to check out the video below. There are so many ‘hidden ingredients’ in the things we eat and drink that most people are completely oblivious to. How many of these were you already aware of? I for one am quite shocked about some of them.