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While most of us enjoy finding things hidden within different images, this picture has really taken the cake. The leopard in this picture is seemingly nowhere to be found.

I recently came across a seemingly viral photograph online that really blows ‘Where’s Waldo’ out of the park. To begin with, I spent about an hour looking for the ‘leopard’ that was supposed to be hidden somewhere in plain sight. I zoomed in, looked at each rock individually and went over each part of the photograph hundreds of times with no animals being found at all.

The more I looked for this leopard the more irritated I became and until I took a look in the comments I had completely convinced myself it was not there at all. After sending the picture to a few friends and still no one having found it, I decided to as noted above look at the comments for the answer. Now, before you move forward please take a moment to look for the leopard in the photograph below.

(Image Credit: Hemant Dabi)

A lot harder to find than you imagined it would be, isn’t it?

According to ‘Bella Lack’ on Twitter, someone sent this picture to her and asked her to spot the leopard her posting has at least 14 thousand people going back and forth feeding into this ‘viral photo.’ She, according to her tweet, initially thought it was a joke as she also was struggling to find it, that being said, the big cat is quite present in the picture. Sure, the more you look the harder it is to see but that leopard is right there in plain sight.

Now that you’re probably getting a bit worked up it’s time to reveal where the leopard is. According to many, this leopard photograph was taken by a man named Hemant Dabi who happens to be quite the photographer. Because the soil around the area is quite spotted and seemingly separated the spots of the leopard blend in quite well. Look at the red circled section in the image below, that is where the leopard is.

Yes, in the back just left of the tree. This really shows just how truly good at blending in these big cats can be. Sure, they look like they would stand out, but they know how to make themselves unknown when the need arises. Were you able to find the leopard or were you like most of us who had to hunt through the comment section looking for the answers we so desperately needed? I for one am ecstatic that there was actually a leopard at all.

Photographs like this remind us just how truly magical the animal kingdom is. While most humans need camouflage to hide themselves properly, these beautiful creatures are capable of going unnoticed by most. This image is just as scary as it is mind-blowing.