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While it might be hard to wrap your head around, the people you meet in life all have their own versions of you. Inside of their minds, you are not quite who you are in your own mind.

The same could be said about the people you meet as well, there are versions in your mind of them that are not the same as the versions within their own minds. The ‘you’ that you know is not the ‘you’ that they know and no one on this planet is ever going to see you in the same exact what that you see yourself. This in itself could be considered a bit saddening or perhaps even eye-opening depending on how you look at things.

We all have our own thoughts about other people and well, that in itself is what drives this kind of thing. The ‘you’ that your mother knows is different from the ‘you’ that your friends know. Your lovers will see you in a deeper light than most but even that in itself isn’t complete understanding. We as humanity are doomed to live and die on this Earth misunderstood no matter what we do, essentially. That being said, please take all of this with a grain of salt.

Coming to the realization that no one knows me or will ever truly know me really hit hard especially during all the things we’re facing in the world right now but I don’t think it hit hard in a bad way. I am the only person who truly knows myself and in that, I should be kinder to myself. At the end of the day, the person I am is the person that no one else will ever truly get to see and while it is unfortunate, I’m okay with it.

We are meant to know ourselves in the most intimate ways and others in lesser but still important ways. Because of how advanced we are, we are able to create these versions of others, and well, depending on our experiences with these people those versions could be good or bad. Some may even be better than the person is overall.

All of this having been said, the concept itself is quite confusing and does feel uncomfortable the more you dissect it. The people you care the most about no matter how hard you try to show them who you are will never see you exactly as you are. Their version of you will always be slightly different from the real you that only you can see.

We are not who other people see and we never will be, we are one of a million or more versions of ourselves, even those who see us but do not speak to us have their own thoughts about us in their minds. At the end of the day, as long as we are content with ourselves we’re moving through life properly.