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While it might suck to be around people who cause us pain, they are going to be in our lives at some point whether we try to look out for them or not. People in this day and age are rarely ever who they seem.

You can’t live your whole life closed off hiding away from the world. You have to be willing to let people in, but once you find that they’re damaging you, you have to learn to overcome and be strong enough to let them go. We learn a lot from the people who bring us pain, as terrible as that may sound.

We learn a lot about ourselves through negative emotions. The bad people or toxic people we have in our lives while temporary are all people that we come across for a reason. This universe will break us down so that we can rise back up when it is necessary. Good things come from some of the most unexpected situations.

Below I am going to go through some of the different kinds of people in our lives who cause pain and some of the things we can and should learn from them. While each lesson will vary some from person to person and no two toxic individuals are the exact same I am sure this will help you gain a better understanding. Life is too short to live being weak, through the things we experience we become some of the strongest beings without even realizing it.

While these are some of the most common types please also be aware sometimes people will not fit into any of the categories and still be toxic. If you have a feeling someone is bringing you down, or they are hurting you be it physically or emotionally don’t hesitate to cut ties. Doing what is best for you is never a bad thing.

5 Types of People That Cause Others Pain and The Lessons We Learn From Them:

1. The Control Freaks

These are going to be a wide variety of people who come into your life be it friends, family members, or even romantic partners who try to control you. They want you to do the things that they want you to do, and they want you to be the person they want you to be. They do not care what you want and through allowing them to control you, you are losing your true self.

With people like this the lesson you have to learn is that no one gets to live your life but you, it is your life to live. Just because someone has been in your life since you were born doesn’t mean that they get to decide your future. You should be living the life you want to live not the one you’re forced into.

2. The Arrogant Assholes

These are the people who tend to fall into the narcissistic side of things. They are full of themselves and always want nothing but to bring others down. They will show up and make you feel like you’re destined for great things only to pull you under the bus when they feel it is necessary.

These are people who teach us that not everyone is who they seem. They teach us that sometimes we have to let go of people we care about because they are not good for us. This is a lesson even I Struggle with.

3. The Victim Players

These are the people who always make things about themselves. They act like the whole world is against them and turn everything you do into something bad. They will walk all over you and then make it seem as if you had caused it.

These people tend to really hurt our feelings and say things that get under our skin. They are people that teach us that sometimes in life you have to stop letting others blame you for things you cannot control. You are not a doormat.

4. The Negative Nancies

These people bring you down more than anyone else. When something good happens they always make it into something bad or outdo you. These people want to be the center of attention and are always very dramatic. They are the kinds of people that we try to avoid but don’t always manage to succeed in doing so.

They pick you apart and leave you feeling worthless. They teach us all that we are not defined by the things others think or say even though it might take some time to learn. They are important and so is the pain they put us through but cutting ties is the most important part if it all.

5. The Abandoners/Users

These people are the ones that come into our lives and use us. They abandon us once they have gotten what they want and they leave us feeling like shit. They teach us that not everyone is what they seem to be and that we have to rely on ourselves.

There are lots of lessons that can be learned through pain. While it isn’t a fun thing to experience we all go through it. Never sell yourself short.