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Incarnations are basically like being in a simulator, except it is our soul, and it is experiencing different lessons and information that allows it to reach enlightenment. On this journey, we are guided by our spirit friends from the other world, and if you connect to them and pay heed to their signs, you will have a much easier journey ahead.

And there are different types of spirit guides, and to me, there are 9 categories that they all fall into, and knowing about them can help immensely. Below is the list I have composed, as well as how you can connect to them today.

Teacher Guides

These guides are here to guide us on our path, and they will lead us to the objectives we need to complete. Sometimes, they will reach out to us through people we meet, in our dreams and in journey meditation (which I will cover more below.)

Creative Guides

Our creative guides inspire us. They come to us in various forms, but mostly in the things that spark that energy in our soul to create.

Animal Guides

These ’spirit’ animals, if you will, are animals that protect us physically, spiritually and mentally. They connect to us on a different level than other animals, and they keep us grounded.

Nature Guides

Nature guides are like fairies, and other types of spirits that many consider to be ‘mythological,’ however, if you pay attention, and make yourself aware, they will come to you in nature, and they will show you how to find your roots.

Karmic Guides

Our karmic guides help us to navigate through our karma and make right of the things we have done wrong. These are the guides that also ensure we pay our karmic debt, and are paid the good karma that’s due- when it’s due.

Protection Guides

These are the spirits that keep us from harm, and they are essentially our body guards. They protect us mind, body and soul. However, in some cases they cannot protect us as the harm we endure can teach us valuable lessons.

Synchronicity Guides

These are the guides that make ‘coincidences’ possible. They put us in the right place at the right time in order for things to fall into place.


Our gatekeepers are the ones who keep track of our soul’s journey. They will make sure that we stay aligned with the right memories at the right time, and keep us from becoming overwhelmed.

Our Lifelong Guides

Consider them your spiritual assistants, these guides are with us from the moment we are born until we die, and they coordinate with our various other guides to ensure our life ends up as it should be.

In order to connect with your guides, you need to speak directly to them. Create a circle of protection by starting in the northern point of the area in which you work. It needs to be quiet, personal, and distraction free. Using salt, go from north, to east, scattering salt. Light incense in the east, and make sure to push the plumes of smoke throughout the area. Continue scattering salt, and pluming the smoke to the southern point of the circle. Now, light a candle there. Move from south to west, where you should place a bowl of water. Sprinkle salt in the water, and move back to the northern point.

Say ‘Elemental spirits, I ask of your protection, and your guidance. Protect me from entities that wish to harm me, and allow only those whom have lessons to bestow upon me on my journey.’

Now sit in the circle, close your eyes, and ask your guides to come to you. Empty your mind, and whenever you become distracted, bring back to center. It may take a few tries but eventually you will speak to them.

Also, keep in mind that they will present themselves in other ways, so always be aware of their signs!