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Astrology has been around for centuries, providing us with insight and information about ourselves and others. And while astrology can tell us what our general personality type is like, it can also show us who is most likely to be a narcissist.

Keep in mind that just because a certain zodiac sign is more likely to become a narcissist doesn’t mean they are guaranteed to be one. Additionally, just because someone doesn’t fall on this list doesn’t mean they aren’t one.

Narcissists are people who have a tendency to be self-centered to the extreme, and those who typically have dysfunctional patterns for relating with others.

By looking at certain zodiac signs, it becomes clear as to why some are more prone to narcissism than others. Check out the four zodiac signs that are most likely to be narcissists.


Out of all of the signs, Virgo is the absolute most likely to be a narcissist. Virgos have almost impossible standards for those around them, and at their worst, can be pretty cold and callous when those around them don’t reach their high expectations. Additionally, they are control freaks.


Aries is an extremely head-strong sign, that has a ‘take me or leave me’ type attitude. When they set their sights on something they want, they will stop at nothing to achieve it, even when that means they have to step on others.


Taurus signs almost always believe they are the best of the best. In their mind, if they can’t do something, neither can anyone else. And if they want to do something, unless you can convince them of why they shouldn’t (I wouldn’t waste my breath) they are going to do it.


Between Virgo and Leo, it’s really a tie. Leo loves to be the center of attention and the star of the show. And when no one is noticing how special they are, they will find a way to seal the show.


Aquarians are really more likely to be covert narcissists. As if you asked them about their narcissistic tendencies, they would have you know how much of a humanitarian they are. When in reality, at the first sign of emotions or feelings, they are taking off in the other direction as fast as they can.

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