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When it comes to the 12 zodiac signs, each one is associated with a specific element. There are four elements and each one holds its own powers.

While we can work to be more adept in different magical areas, some elements are more inclined in certain ways than others to certain things. For instance, fire signs are usually pretty good with healing magic as a whole and air signs tend to be more tuned into things like astral projection. Being more aware of this in itself can help you better yourself overall. The more you know about your element and its innate abilities, the more you know about yourself.

Below I am going to go over the magic skills most people born under the different elements tend to have. While you might not be aware of this within yourself yet, the more you work with these things the more apparent your abilities may become. What is your magical ability based on your element?

Fire – Healing

Fire signs typically do great when it comes to healing. They are able to heal things on both a physical and emotional level depending on where they are in their practice. I believe this has a lot to do with how powerful fire signs are overall at working with energies as a whole.

Water – Divination

People born into any of the water signs tend to be more adept when it comes to things like divination. This is because they are able to see things that others might not be able to. They are able to use water to their advantage and because they are so linked with it, things are only enhanced in this way.

Air – Astral Projection

Air signs are amazing for a lot of reasons but when they’re sleeping they can do a lot more than most. They tend to see worlds beyond our own when their eyes are closed. This has a lot to do with their ability to hone in on different frequencies compared to other elements.

Earth – Nature’s Forces and Runes

Earth signs overall are much more connected with nature as a whole because they are tuned into the planet we call our home on a deeper level. That having been said they also do well with runes more often than not. While not everyone is comfortable diving into runes, if you’re an Earth sign you should give them a try, they could help you learn more than you could ever imagine otherwise.