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For some reason, we let people we love treat us badly over and over again. Instead of cutting ties and doing what’s best for our own well-being, we waste away with someone who doesn’t actually care for us.

If you’re in a toxic relationship you need to come to your senses. The person who is hurting you time and time again does not love you. That person is only using you and honestly, you deserve better. While you might be a bit scared of the single life, if you embrace it you will flourish.

When you finally find someone who truly loves you, all the pain and suffering your toxic person caused will fade away. Just because you’ve been with someone for a long time doesn’t mean they are meant to be in your life forever. Whether you’ve changed, or they’ve changed doesn’t matter. All that matters is right now you’re stuck in a toxic relationship and you need to get out for your own well-being.

Staying within a toxic relationship won’t bring you any kind of happiness, that much you should know. It will only leave you feeling miserable and walking on eggshells’ day in and day out. Sure, breaking up or ending things with this person won’t be easy but it will be worth it.

If this person really loved you he or she would be making an effort to fix things and treat you properly. You wouldn’t be forced to face these bad situations and suffer because he or she never follows through properly. If this person you’re with actually loved you he or she would prove it to you with each passing moment.

You are not alone and many people have been in positions like yours before. Finding the strength to move forth and do things on your own for a while isn’t going to happen overnight but it is something you need to work towards. Once you’re on your own you will be able to work towards finding the missing parts of yourself.

You will be able to get back to normal and really heal in the ways you wouldn’t be able to inside that toxic relationship. Sometimes we have to break up with people we are attached to, and we have to learn how to let them go. Once they’re gone life will continue and you will find something that makes you feel happy.

The connection you once had with that person is now gone and you need to come to terms with that. You’re both just holding onto something that has died long ago at this point and that’s not healthy for either of you. You deserve a love that is pure and raw. One that won’t leave you crying in your pillow each night.

Stop pretending your life is summed up by your relationship, define yourself.