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When you have anxiety it can make you feel like the whole world is against you. Rather than feeling normal, you’re tricked into feeling as if you’re hated.

If you’re facing an anxiety problem please know that you’re not actually bothering people in the ways you think you are. You’re still appreciated and loved, even though you might not be able to see it as clearly. While having anxiety can make you feel like you’re relying too much on other people, your support system is there for exactly that.

Whether it’s mild anxiety issues or full-on GAD, this kind of thing can be quite frustrating and cause a lot of turmoil in your life. S0me of the simplest things become extreme tasks and are hard to carry out. This kind of mental health issue can in many ways leave a person relying on their support system a bit more than they want to.

Just because you rely on the people closest to you to keep you grounded and help you out when you’re in public and overwhelmed, that doesn’t mean that you’re not cared for or that you’re asking for too much. You’re not as disconnected from the people around you as you might feel as if you are and no, your family and friends don’t secretly hate you.

If you’ve ever experienced some kind of issue with anxiety you most likely know how unappreciated and overly needy it can make you feel. These feelings are some of the worst, and they leave us questioning how we should move forth. Rather than simply talking to the people we care for, we turn it into a challenge.

Rather than reaching out for help when you need it, if you have anxiety you most likely try to do all you can without getting other people involved. You’re less willing to open up and much more closed off than you might even want to be. While the people around you might not understand what you’re facing they are trying, and they’re not all judging you as intensely as you feel they are.

As hard as it might be, keep in mind that some things you’re feeling are not as ‘real’ as you think they are. You’re not putting people off by going about things in your own way and the people who matter the most in your life will work to understand what you’re going through, period. You are not defined by your anxiety and you are still cared for and appreciated wither you have it or not.

Anxiety might be a part of you but it’s not who you are. Learning how to come to terms with what is true about it and what isn’t will benefit you in the long-run. We all need a little support here and there and you should never feel bad for asking for exactly that. The people who matter the most will accept you as you are without question.