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The winter solstice is something that happens when the seasons change. During this time the length of daylight and nighttime hours shift. For many, this day is a very spiritual day, and it is celebrated by tons of people across the globe. According to Forever Conscious, the winter solstice is something that Pagans refer to as Yule. Yule being a time for them to celebrate the Goddess energy of the moon.

During the course of this solstice, the sun will be moving from the Sagittarius and into Capricorn. We should all be using this solstice as a time to reflect and grow. While most of us spend a lot of time going through the motions and doing our best to get things done, slowing down is very important during this solstice. In order to move forward, you must come to terms with the things you are passing.

As the winter solstice comes into play we should all be thinking back to the lessons we have learned. The whole year of 2018 was quite frustrating and chances are you’re still holding onto things you should be letting go of and struggling with lessons you should have already come to terms with. Working through all of that during this time will benefit you greatly.

Make Change Happen and Be Reborn

This solstice will allow you to make change happen if you work within. Ask yourself if you are ready to do this and really get comfortable with your own being. Give thanks and shift your own mindset into a positive one. Writing things down and breaking them apart one by one will help you to get this done. All of the steps you know that you need to take, need to be taken.

The solstice is a time in which we are all reborn in different ways. Give thanks during this time and appreciate the darkness of light. Not everything that is without light is evil or negative, sometimes it is just misunderstood. During this time we need to work to find hope through everything and embrace the energies before us. We are all much more connected with nature than we realize and through this solstice, great things can and will occur.

Allow inspiration to find you and be more honest with yourself. Recreate yourself and work to be a better version of who you are. Align more properly with your higher self by embracing the things before you and healing within. This solstice will also be influenced by the energy of the full moon which brings forth more change and promotes positivity all the while.

This whole ordeal is going to bring you to life in a new way. You are going to be born again through all of these differences coming forth. While not all of them will be easy they will all push you through to where you need to be. Even if you do not normally think much about the solstice itself being aware of it now will only help you grow more. You are far more capable than you think.

This will be a very interesting experience for all of us and whether you’re ready for it or not it is going to happen. To learn more about the shifts to come in regards to this event check out the video below. What do you think about all of this? Are you looking forward to the solstice?