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When it comes to protecting our personal energy as well as our physical bodies, we can have a bit of trouble depending on who or what we allow in our lives. This world is full of toxicity and if we do not work to really face things properly we will become quite overwhelmed within what for the most part will feel like no time at all.

If you want to take your meditation to a new level, working with white light could benefit you greatly. Using the white light for protection is a way to basically enhance your own aura all the while closing it off from the outside world to a certain extent. Basically, in order to use white light protection for your own well-being, all you have to do is meditate as you would normally but use your mind’s eye to envision a white light coming from within your body and moving forth surrounding you.

This white light will surround you and stop where you feel it should. For the most part, people tend to end the light field just outside of their own aura, big enough to protect them but not huge in the sense that everything around them is being broken away. This is a boundary that we should all set on a daily basis as it will keep our personal auras in check.

When used properly white light protection shields on this level can protect you from the intrusive energies of others, make you feel better in general, enhance your own vibration, and help repair any nicks that your aura already has or is working to make it through. This kind of protection is one of the strongest you will find and the more you use it the more powerful your light will become.

Amanda Linette Meder wrote as follows on her website in regards to visualizing this white light if you’re struggling on your own to make things work her technique might really come in handy:

Imagine that as you inhale, you are breathing in the swirl of white light that is all around you, and as you exhale, this swirl of light falls and begins to settle as dust on the floor of your abdomen. Each time you inhale, imagine swirling light coming in, and each time you exhale, imagine the swirling light gently falling to your seat, between your hips, as snowflakes to the ground.

After a few inhalations and exhalations, imagine the clouds of the sky parting above you and a stream of light revealing itself, traveling through the sky to meet the ground. However, you notice this stream of light is directed onto you, and moments before it reaches the ground, this light meets the crown of your head. This light is the source of your protective shield.

Your light has been called down from the Spiritual Realm to protect and shield you. Notice how far it traveled from the clouds to meet your crown. What is the distance? How thick is this stream of light – covering a mile of the skyline, or peaking through the clouds like a flashlight? If it was a different color from your desired shield color, watch the color of this stream of light change now, to match the color of like that you wish to shield you.

Now, draw your attention to your crown, where the Spiritual Light touches and begins to meet your body. Notice this light draping over you, like a cloak, and wrapping around your aura, as though a paint can is being poured over an egg. Imagine this color completely coating you from the top of your crown, along the curves on the sides of your energetic boundary, and enveloping the energy boundary underneath your feet. Feel this shield and notice any differences. If the energy of this shield would also like to penetrate your aura, allow it to soak in, embrace your healing light, as you too are in need of its properties.

For more on this please feel free to check out the video below. This protective light can and will work wonders in your life. The more effort you put into this kind of thing the more rewards you will reap.