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Sometimes the universe brings us to rough spots in life and while we don’t understand their meaning in the moment, they hold a lot for us. As human beings, we are always growing and working to overcome things.

The week of September 24th is going to be a very intense one. The full moon in Aries has already set things off down a path that many never thought they would go. If you’ve been feeling insecure, nervous, or overly emotional then chances are you belong to one of the following signs. These signs are going to be getting the worst of the energies before them but with good reason. Overcoming the things in your path will truly bring you to the next level.


While you are going to be having a positive outlook things are really going to be weighing hard on you. You are someone who is always working hard and right now you don’t feel like that hard work is ever going to pay off. You’re being pushed and pulled in all different directions and might be forced to make a decision when it comes to your love life. You’re about to learn how important compromise truly is.


You’re going to be put before a lot of opportunities you might have never seen coming. You are going to be forced through a lot of decisions and most likely be feeling quite overwhelmed. You’re usually quite bubbly but this week will probably be much more closed off and down in the dumps. You feel as if you are not being appreciated in your current situation but also don’t know where you should go from here.


You feel like there is a lot going wrong in your life. You’ve been throwing a pity party for yourself for a few days now and everyone else is tired of it. You need to get yourself out of this funk, your wellbeing doesn’t fall on anyone but yourself.


You’re going to be facing issues at home this week and will not know how to handle them. Everyone in your household is going to be against one another and tensions will be high. If you allow your temper to get the best of you this week will become a living hell.


Exciting things are coming your way but exciting doesn’t always mean fun or positive. You are going to be out searching for something in the days to come. This something is not going to be found easily. If you don’t really put your all into filling this emotional hole you’re just wasting your time. Take the time to relax and look at things from an outside perspective.

Image via Bug Zodiac