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We all have bad days and weeks sometimes, but for some signs, this one is going to be far more intense than they might want it to be. It will be as if everything is falling apart but there is a much bigger picture to keep in mind.

With the energies present in the world today we should all be feeling a bit on edge. That being said, these four signs will be thrown off kilter far more than the rest. They will have to take a step back to really get things under wraps before moving forward. If they ignore the challenges ahead, change will force itself into their lives. The best thing for everyone to keep in mind during this time is to go with the flow. When one door closes, another opens.

Of course, things might seem a bit weird right now everything will work out once things begin to die down. This whole ordeal will catapult you somewhere strange and new if you allow it to. Once the week before you comes to an end I am sure you will feel like a completely new person.

Cancer: You’re going to be under extreme pressure.

With the Sun in Capricorn right now you’re going to be working very hard. You are going to be feeling as if you are lacking the stability you crave and dying to build a place for it in your life. You will be pressured into things you might not want to do by others and really have to work to set firmer boundaries.

You’re going to be feeling quite conflicted and unless you tap into your inner strength things are not going to get any better. As the days begin to pass those around you will be trying your patience, you need to work hard to hold your own and figure things out. Even if it is frustrating, you need to continue forth.

Gemini: You’re in serious need of a reality check.

You’re going to be focusing on the things you love the most but a bit too much. You’re going to be holding on instead of letting go and it is really going to be preventing you from moving forward. You really need to spend the time before you thinking the situations at hand through. While processing all of this won’t be easy, it will shape you into who you need to be to continue on.

Libra: You’re in serious need of fresh air.

While it might seem like things are going alright, as the days pass the ripples will begin to show. You’re going to find that the people in your life are not what they seem. Your emotions are going to be at an all-time high and your heart might feel like it’s ready to explode. To be completely honest, a change of scenery might be what you need to really get things in order.

Virgo: You need to appreciate yourself.

While you might not think much of the energies before you, your intuition is going to kick in quite fast. You’ve been working very hard on something extremely special and the pay off for that is coming due. However, it will not be what you expected and could throw you off to a serious extent. You crave recognition and unless you work through that, this week is going to tear you apart.

Image via We Heart It