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Sure, we all do and say what we want but have you ever wondered what those things might point out to others about us? Body language speaks big time if you know how to read it.

The way we sit even says a lot about who we are as a person whether we realize it or not. You can assess whether or not someone should be approached by merely paying attention to the way they are sitting. Below I am going to go over the more common ways we sit and what they might mean about you. Take a look at the image below and figure out which one you do most often.

Position A

(Image Credit: Meaww)

This position tells us that you are someone who is not too concerned with what is going on. You are comfortable and just going with the flow. We could even go so far as to say you are a bit confident. You are on the more casual side of things and in that sense, we could also call you friendly. If you sit this way you are most likely quite approachable.

For those intrigued by the confidence exuded in this posture, The Definitive Book of Body Language” by Barbara Pease and Allan Pease delves deep into understanding such self-assured body language.

Position B

(Image Credit: Meaww)

This position is much more ‘formal’ than most on this list. If you sit in this position you might be more closed off and nervous. Your legs being crossed tells us that you are someone who needs to steady his or herself. Perhaps you are feeling a bit out of place. This position is not what we would consider being a welcoming one. That being said, if you are sitting behind a desk it is perfectly fine.

Position C

(Image Credit: Meaww)

This position is that of a slacker or someone who is bored. You don’t know what to do and aren’t particularly interested in doing anything. People who sit like this are far more confident than they should be and are very laid back. They are what we would call a bit unapproachable in that sense.

To understand the laid-back or detached demeanor further, Body Language for Dummies” by Elizabeth Kuhnke  breaks down the essentials of body language in an easily understandable way.

Position D

(Image Credit: Meaww)

This position is a very neutral one. If you sit like this you are most likely a very useful person. You pay close attention to the things going on and because of how you are sitting we can tell that you are a much more gentle person than most. You could even go so far as to assume the person who chooses this position might be more of a people pleaser.

Position E

(Image Credit: Meaww)

People who sit in this position are usually quite soft and gentle. They pay attention to things most of us do not and they are usually very organized. These kinds of people can also be taken as flirtatious depending on the conversation because they are allowing themselves to be as comfortable as possible.

To delve into the open and organized traits of this posture, revisiting The Definitive Book of Body Language” by Barbara Pease and Allan Pease can offer more comprehensive insights.