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There are a lot of things that you do in daily life that reveal so much about your personality. One of those ways would be the way that you make a fist!

Whether you realize it or not, the intentions you have play into how that fist is made. As you will see in the image below, there are three main types of fists that people tend to make. Each one quite different from the next but still similar. The kind of fist you usually make when clenching your fist reveals a lot about you.

Without thinking clench your fist, which image do you think looks closest to your hand while it is clenched? Once you have figured this out, continue on to see what it could end up revealing about your personality in general.


(Image Via: Meawww)

Type 1

This kind of fist leaves the thumb on the outside of the ball. If you hold your fist this way then you are not a fighter. You are the kind of person that tends to put all options down on the table and weigh out the odds. You rarely ever come at anyone with ill intentions.

While you tend to keep to yourself, people always find you and want something from you. You are an easy target for those who wish to use you as you do your best to help others. You are the kind of person that goes above and beyond even for those who do not deserve your efforts.

Type 2

This kind of fist still leaves the thumb outside but is much tighter than the fist before it. If you hold your fist this way you are the kind of person that is not afraid to speak up for his or herself. You do not hold back in any way and are quick to jump to conclusions. You do not like to be around other people but you also crave attention.

As a person, you are conflicted internally and it really tears you down. You care too much about what other people think but also don’t want people to know it. You hide a lot of who you are from the people who care about you the most.

Type 3

This kind of fist conceals the thumb and shows tension. If you hold your fist this way you are a very closed off person. You have a small circle and other than that you keep to yourself. You are not quick to open up and when it comes to trust yours is hard to earn.

People tend to try your patience and are always setting you off. While you are not the kind to speak out about your anger you do feel it. You hate wasting time and are always on the go. I guess you could say that you are a bit of an introvert in most ways.

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(Image Via: Meawww)