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Burnout is something we all face from time to time. For some, it is more physical and for others, it can be more emotional.

For those who might not know burnout is basically something that happens when we push ourselves too far. The more you do without taking the time for self-care, the more stressed you’re going to become, and from there burnout is not avoidable. If you feel like you’re exhausted inside and out but cannot still slow down, you’re likely dealing with burnout.

Now, when it comes to understanding what you’re going through and whether you’re truly facing burnout or not, you must be willing to look for and accept the signs before you. Below I am going to go over some of those signs. If these things are present in your life, you’re either dealing with burnout or about to be dealing with burnout.

Signs Of Burnout:

1. Insomnia

Those who are about to be facing burnout usually struggle with sleeping. They are exhausted and want to get a good night’s sleep but their minds will not allow them to relax properly. They still feel like there is so much that needs done even when they should be resting.

2. Inability to concentrate

The more burnout you’re facing the harder it’s going to be for you to concentrate. After a while, your mind has just taken on too much and when that happens concentrating becomes quite hard. You end up really struggling with focusing properly and may forget some important things here and there.

3. Serious lack of energy

One of the biggest signs of burnout is a lack of energy. When your body and mind have had too much they will try to tell you to slow down. If you need to take a moment to relax, do exactly that.

4. Emotional exhaustion

Exhaustion isn’t always physical sometimes it can be emotional as well. Emotional exhaustion is something people with and without burnout face. It basically means that you are feeling drained emotionally, you just don’t care as much at this point and it’s not necessarily anyone’s fault. This happens when you have tried so hard to make things work and put too much effort into coping with the things before you.

5. Loss of appetite

A lot of people who are dealing with burnout are also dealing with a loss of appetite. When you’re on edge in this manner and unable to get the sense of calm that you need, it can and will affect your appetite. Sure, some people end up eating more as a result of this kind of thing but most people end up eating less.

6. Headaches, chest pain, and other physical symptoms

This kind of thing comes with physical symptoms as well. It’s not all just in your mind. You will deal with aches and pains. I for one tend to get more headaches the more stressed or all over the place I become in my day-to-day life.

7. Feeling quite angry and tense overall

The more burnout you’re facing the more angry and tense you may become. This is because you don’t know how to process the things you’re going through and it might put you on edge. While you can work through this, it’s not easy.

8. No longer enjoying things

The more burnout you’re working through the more unhappy you may feel. There will be moments where you feel as if nothing makes you happy anymore and it might really hurt you. I know, it might not sound like a big deal but when you’re facing it, it really is.

9. Depression and anxiety

Burnout has a lot to do with mental health and if you’re not caring for yourself properly while pushing yourself past your limits you may end up neglecting yourself on this level. A lot of people with burnout also end up with depression or anxiety on some level. While this may get easier as you work on things, it’s not something that just goes away.

It’s important to be aware of these signs and burnout in general because you never know how far things will go. The more drained you end up allowing yourself to become the lower you will fall. If you want to prevent burnout you need to be more aware of it.