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Now that the summer solstice and solar eclipse have played out we are all feeling the energies both events have left behind. While not everyone feels the same energies right now, if you’re energy sensitive I am sure you’re able to pick up on how intense these things are.

Right now for at least a week to come, the vortex these energies has brought forth is open and that in itself means we’re going to be growing a lot. As this vortex continues to push and pull the energies around us we will progress further and some of us will finally be able to heal from past traumas. Not only will we be finding ourselves more properly, but we will also be coming to terms with things that we otherwise might not even want to be thinking about. 

According to Theresa Murphy, the summer solstice itself holds heavy Cancer energies which means we’re going to be facing a lot of manifestations while these energies are present. We’re going to be more willing to ground ourselves and really taking the time to enjoy things as they are. This period is one we can all benefit from properly if we’re open to it.

Now because this event itself occurred so close with an eclipse, things are amplified big time. We’re more generous right now as a result and much more willing to think outside the box. This eclipse which occurred on the 21st when paired with the energies the solstice brought forth has us all feeling freer and more open to breaking the chains that society as a whole has placed on each of us.

Right now while this vortex is still open, and we’re still gaining so much knowledge we should all be working hard to take back our power and really show our true colors. It is through this our chance to shine and if we do not take it, we will regret it. A lot more progress can be made through these energies than I believe most of us are willing to accept. 

Whether you were able to view this eclipse or not I am sure you are feeling the things I too am feeling. The energetic world is getting intense and all of this is happening for a reason. While it might sound a bit silly, we are being presented with an opportunity to challenge the norm and allow our lives to get back to where we feel they belong. 

There are a lot of different things going on in the celestial world right now and I know this can be scary. As karma comes forth and our wrongdoings are highlighted we will be running from some of them and that’s just how things will be unless we open our hearts and work through the issues at hand. The energetic world is not doing these things to bring you down, it is doing them to lift you up. Only through coming to terms with life itself and your past as well as your future will you be able to truly progress on your journey in this world. 

Make the most of this vortex while you have the chance but do remain grounded as best you can. When you feel overwhelmed don’t be afraid to lean on those who care for you the most. We are all in this together.