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October 31st happens to be a date that people all around the world know as quite the holiday. Sure, some say it’s just a silly treat for kids but others know the truth behind this interesting time of year. 

Halloween or Samhain depending on your beliefs is a day/night during which the veil between worlds is at its thinnest and it’s quite powerful. Whether you refer to this magical night as ‘All Hallows Eve’ or something else, there is no denying how spooky it can be. In the past, long before we ended up giving out commercialized candies on this day, people of the past would offer others certain cakes and so forth to appease their lost loved ones or the dead in general on this night. Before it was known as ‘trick r treating’ it was known as souling. 

When you look at the traditions used by Pagans long ago, you’ll see lots of similarities to the things we do now. You see, even the act of dressing up in costumes as spooky creatures dates back long ago. The people of the past would do this as a means to blend in with the demons and spirits that would ‘walk the Earth’ during the night that the veil was/is at its thinnest.

Ancient people and still some even now believe that when the veil is thin as it is on Halloween, the dead walk among the living. These dead can be scary, or they can be kind souls who have passed that you may be familiar with. That in itself just varies depending on how sensitive you are and what you end up coming across. 

The Hood Witch wrote as follows on their website covering this topic:

In older times, extra places were set at the dinner table or food and drink were set outside on the doorstep for the returning spirits to refresh themselves and honor the home with their presence. Because “the veil” or the energetic and psychic barrier between dimensions was said to be thinner at this time, it allowed the living to have increased intuition and psychic abilities. It was a night for scrying and looking into the future. Many people still perform divination rituals on Samhain for knowledge of the coming year-crystal balls and fires are gazed into, tarot cards are spread and runes are cast and interpreted. It is truly a night for magick and Contact With The Other Side and our spiritual natures. 

I think that Halloween is loved so much by us, not just because it’s a really fun holiday, but because it speaks to something inside of us that we have lost touch with. It speaks to that part of us that desires a re-connection with Spirit; a communion with that which seems hidden from us. We are searching for the mystery of spiritual connection that we have lost.

Halloween is a time to remember and honor our loved ones who have crossed over. We also want to have contact with our loved ones. We miss them and we want to be assured that they are in a good place. We seek to understand that there is something beyond this life, some wonderful place to go, and that we will go there too when we die. We want contact with God and with our Divine Helpers. We want to know that we are not alone. 

The veil in itself is thinning more and more as each day passes and once Halloween is here, it will be at its thinnest. This veil separates our world from the world of those who have passed on and if you really think about it that could be something that feeds into the atmosphere this holiday overall brings forth. It’s quite mysterious and eerie for a lot of different reasons. If you are someone who is highly sensitive then you probably noticed this about Halloween long before you ever truly knew what it meant. 

To better understand this topic take a look at the video below. What do you think about all of this and what do you call October 31st? I for one find all of this to be very fascinating and I can feel a lot of energies coming forth even now.