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Over the past few years, we have seen a massive shift in postal and delivery services. Packages are delayed, mailboxes are left empty and many are wondering what is the deal.

While mail theft has increased substantially over the past few years as well, it is now far more likely that you will open your mailbox, only to be greeted by an empty box. However, even with that being said, the USPS likely plays a much greater role in the fact that your mailbox has been empty than any fraudster.

Throughout the United States, mail services have been suspended off and on in different areas of the country. In Santa Monica, California; Greenfield, Indiana; and Des Moines, Iowa, mail services were suspended after various assaults and threats of assaults had taken place. Fast-forward to now, and mail services are being suspended in other areas for different reasons.

In northern California this past week, main services were suspended at various post offices. Those affected included four Siskiyou County cities: Klamath River, Happy Camp, Scott Bar, and Seiad Valley. Their closures followed after the McKinney Fire, which was a massive wildfire that had broken out of the Klamath National Forest near the border of California and Oregon on July 29, according to CNN.

The local suspensions were updated on the USPS Residential Service disruptions page. Since the page was updated, some offices have resumed business as usual.

And those who are stuck without their mail, have been directed to the post office in Yreka, California. “Customers are reminded to bring proper photo identification for mail and package pickups,” the agency said.

Typically, it is the policy of the post office to deliver mail in various circumstances however, they do have a policy that “curtails delivery only after careful consideration, and only as a last resort,” to keep both employees and customers safe.