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On July 13, we will encounter a full moon in Capricorn, and the energy surrounding this moon is pretty intense. While full moons are all about releasing, manifesting, and culmination- Capricorn is driven, disciplined, and pretty hardcore.

Together, these two energies combine to give us the perfect recipe to finally get our lives on track. We are right smack dab in the middle of the year, and a lot has happened. Right now is a great time to take inventory of what has gone on so far, what our goals are, and what is blocking us from those goals. What did you set out to do at the beginning of the year? What did you achieve?

Capricorn energy is a great push to apply a practical approach to our goals to achieve the desired outcome. It’s time to get on track and stop sabotaging yourself.

Not only is this a full moon, it’s a supermoon, meaning that the moon will be even closer than usual, and typically during a supermoon, the energies surrounding the moon are a bit more intense than a normal full moon.

During this time, don’t underestimate what you are capable of. Yes, it’s important to set realistic goals, but don’t downplay your power. Additionally, it’s important to take responsibility for what you have achieved and what has gone wrong this year so that you can take the steps necessary to presume to push forward.

Capricorn is all about personal responsibility and self-discipline. To some, especially those who need this energy the most, the intensity of Capricorn can be off-putting, even perhaps frustrating. If you are feeling that way when it comes time to clean up the mess that is your life, you likely need those energies in your life, and you are refusing them. Stay open to new ideas and the energies at play.

Another thing worth noting is that this full moon may bring up some uncomfortable truths. You may realize that it’s time to end chapters that should have ended long ago and that it’s time to let go of some things or people from your life to continue moving forward. Don’t block yourself on this journey.

While this energy can be quite heavy- it’s beneficial. Don’t be afraid to get honest with yourself. And make sure that you are holding yourself accountable and accepting the power you have in this life. It’s never too late to get your shit together, and that is what this moon is all about.