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As we ease into the time of the astrological New Year or the equinox, we are surrounded by powerful energy that is not only balancing but one that will bring focus to all of your endeavors. It may seem as though this energy will end as the sun sets, however, the following super full moon in Libra is guaranteed to match that energy and give us so much more!

Libra is a sign known to be associated with balance and justice. It is one that pleads for the underdog and counts everyone in. And the upcoming New Moon, when paired with Libra will beg us to focus our intentions on those who matter most to us. With this focus, we will be drawn to find balance not only within these relationships but also within ourselves.

Of course, while we may find a benefit for this in our personal relationships, for many of us this also means understanding that some bonds are toxic and knowing when to cut ties. While you shouldn’t do this in a way that would reflect the energies of the Mercury retrograde (you know chaotic and messy) we should aim to bring these issues to the table and address how they impact our lives. From there, make sound decisions on how to handle them effectively.

After you have finally found a peaceful resolution (or painful cutting of the cord with a toxic partner you will have time to find peace with yourself. And with that will come opportunities for success in a myriad of facets within your life.