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Each year, the planets in our solar system make their way through each sign of the zodiac. With each transit, our lives here on planet Earth are impacted in a major way.

And while a direct transit (or forward transit) may impact us one way, when a planet goes ‘retrograde’ (transitioning backward) it has a major energetic impact on our lives in one way or another.

For 2019, our first planetary retrograde will be in Mercury. And while most of us may not be astrologers, it is likely that you have heard jokes being made regarding the chaos surrounding a Mercury retrograde. To make this retrograde even more meaningful, it is taking place in Pisces.

This combo can have a huge impact on our relationships, and even more specifically, our love lives. The combating seriousness of Mercury, combined with the sensitive energy of Pisces makes for a truly conflicting duo.

However, this isn’t entirely a negative thing. Pisces holds compassionate energy, with the tendency to be a dreamer that is prone to escapism.

With Mercury causing our communications to go awry, we can expect the energetic tones of Pisces to balance this with dreamy impulse. If we can fine-tune our tendencies for anxiety, and find a calm center, this retrograde could provide us with the ability to find our personal romantic sides. As we control our urges to fill the voids in our relationships with meaningless chit-chat, we can replace those with dreamy notions of our future love life.

Instead of overworking yourself to correct the miscommunication and chaos of the Mercury retrograde, learn to let the energy flow naturally in your relationships. Truly open your heart, and empathize

Allow yourselves to take advantage of this time as a resting period, and while resting, let your mind wander and bask in our wildest dreams.

Yes, the energy of the Mercury retrograde will still cause us a bit of chaos in one way or another. But if we turn our focus away from the small glitches in communication, and open our hearts to things we consider to be beyond our reach, we can make what seems to be the impossible, entirely possible.