On August 8th of each year, there is a portal of energy that opens up for just a short period of time. This is known as the Lion’s Gate.

Because this year is 2018, it will be a triple 8 making the energies before us so much more intense. This gate only opens when the Earth itself aligns with the Galactic Center. This is an intense surge or light that works to awaken our DNA and activate parts of our energy fields we did not know existed. I guess you could refer to it as the light of ascension in more ways than one.

The energies this Lion’s Gateway brings forth are some that will truly work to awaken those who are affected. It will brighten your inner light and really resonate with your being. I know, this might sound confusing but it is an overwhelmingly positive event whether you understand it fully or not.

Ask-Angels.com goes over it as follows:

Increased waves of light and codes of awakened consciousness are streaming onto the planet now, through the Sun and directly from Spirit. This increased light and accelerated ascension energy is causing huge life-altering changes to unfold in one way or another for just about everyone now.

Big things like relationships, career changes, life purpose, health, home, travel, soul work, letting go of material things (and a few other themes too) are highlighted now…

Everything is up for review now, the big question being does it serve your Authentic Truth? Is it in alignment with love and with your soul growth and ascension? … Don’t be surprised if something or everything in your life seems to be in flux now.

Ultimately, these changes we’re each going through in our own unique way serve to align us more fully with our authentic truth, and with the next level of love and light that we can experience in our lives.

However, I’m sure you already know that change isn’t always easy. It can be frightening not knowing what is going to happen, and what is next for you, especially when things seem to be crumbling and falling away on both an individual and collective scale.

See, that doesn’t sound bad at all now, does it? During this time we must trust ourselves and the energies before us. Meditating on the 8th is something no one should skip out on. During that time the energies are at their strongest point and most able to help us through whatever it is we need to face in life. Now, that being said this portal will be in the process of opening and closing from July 26th to August 12th. There will be plenty of energy during the whole ordeal.

The Lion’s Gate is a highly charged energy point that the universe needs. It brings forth nourishing, warm, and open energies that provide us with a lot of what we truly need in life. The number eight in itself is extremely significant to us all.

Eight represents power and strength which is something we gain more of during this time.

Image via Cosmic Intelligence Agency

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