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While it might not seem that intense right now, as the days grow closer to the time at which this full moon will occur a lot of things will begin to fall apart. You will start to feel a lot more out of place than usual and your relationships will be questioned quite in depth.

This full moon will occur on January 21st and be in Leo. It will bring forth challenges and lots of opportunities for us all. When the Sun is opposite the Moon, many emotions will be peaking during this time. Anything holding you back and all issues within your current connections will be highlighted, big time.

Because the moon will be square Uranus as well, we will be facing rapid mood swings and be much less patient than we would be otherwise. Chances are, the average things you do in life will become quite boring and breaking the mold will become very important. While you should not be going out of your way to make extreme changes during this time, you should work towards being more yourself.

Astrology King wrote as follows on this moon to come:

Lunar Eclipse January 2019 is opposite Mercury and square Uranus. This signals unexpected events and news that are likely to cause anxiety and uncertainty about the future. So keeping an open mind and staying calm and patient is key to dealing with this erratic and unpredictable energy. Otherwise, impulsive reactions, rapid mood swing, and miscommunication could cause panic and chaos.

Although the fixed star conjunct the Sun does not moderate this erratic energy, it does offer help by giving confidence and courage. Self-control and patience will counter a tendency to overreact and argue when faced with stressful situations. So take small steps and be adaptable.

There will be a lot of disconnect during the time that this energy will be present in our lives and our desires might not be as prominent. You will be given the chance to really stop and think things through before moving forward but the changes to come will not be small. Cutting ties from those who want to bring you down and really exploring your being properly will be quite the task but you can do it.

This full moon is not one that can be ignored. It holds many things for each one of us. The harder you work on yourself during this time period, the further you will get.

The effects of this full moon will last much longer than most as it is a blood moon and with that, we will all be going through things for a long while. For the next few months, we all need to be focusing on our own well being and the growth to come. We should not be obsessing over the things that do not concern us.

Darkstar Astrology wrote as follows regarding the energies at play during this time:

Family and inheritance are the big themes for this Leo Lunar eclipse. Natal, nation, nationalism and the greater family are in the spotlight. We have seen there is a rise in “populism” as it is so quaintly described. The Moon rules all things to do with the family and genetic memory, that what we call our home. The Moon is the common people whereas the Sun could be seen to represent the imperial, royal line when it comes to this Lunar eclipse. These bloodlines (Symbolised by the Sun) cast a light on the common moon but the earth gets in the way and breaks the circuit.

This Leo full moon is going to be quite interesting, to say the least. How do you feel about all of this? I for one am quite excited to see where we all end up.

Image via Krista Ames