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The full moon is always a special time- one that invokes dreamy feelings, intuitive thought, and focus on manifesting our desires. However, the Pisces moon is quite possibly the most important as its energy truly aligns with the magical influences of the full moon.

Each full moon expresses itself differently, depending on the cosmic energies influencing it at that time.

Pisces is a mutable water sign, that is driven by emotion, intuition, and spirituality. As we edge closer and closer to September 20th, we are going to be feeling extra sensitive and super keyed into our intuition. On September 20th, the day of the full moon, you will be feeling these energies full force.

As the full moon alone is thought to be the epitome of intuitive and feminine energy, it may come as no surprise that the moon loves to bask in the energy of water signs. Together, they flow better than any cosmic combination imaginable.

It is during this time that the moon can fully express itself. And if you were feeling driven during the new moon, and highly focused on any plans, goals, or relationships, this full moon is going to be pushing your focus into full force. You may feel driven to truly connect with others, or to retreat within and touch base with your intuition. I know that may sound contradictory, but honestly, it depends on your sign.

Earth signs are likely to need to retreat right now- they are still trying to maintain their rationalities. It’s best to avoid this approach though, or you may find that you struggle under this full moon. A water sign full moon is best handled through your emotional & intuitive sides.

Air signs on the other hand are also going to be feeling the weight of the intuitive power of the moon and as much as you feel the need to express yourself, an air sign, make sure you do so from that intuitive place.

The fiery signs of Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo are going to be butting heads with themselves, wanting to outwardly express and also wanting to retreat. Patience is key for these signs during this time.

Back in March, when the Pisces New moon took place, the beginning of a long journey took place. Now, as the full moon gets closer and closer, we can see things starting to reach their peak. Many things are coming to fruition, while we are also releasing what needs to be released. Take a close look back at March and then to now- do you see any links?

Through understanding the links between these cosmic events, you can truly start to grow and flourish on your spiritual path. Look back at where you started, and how far you’ve come. Are there changes that should have been made? What energies are pushing you? More than anything, this moon is trying to encourage spiritual growth.

Take this time to truly touch base with your intuition. Ask yourself “What is my soul calling me to do?” Meditate on this under the moon, or by a window. Make a list of what your soul is telling you, and then, make a list of what you can do to work towards that goal. Fold the sheet of paper up, and burn a silver candle next to it and a quartz crystal.

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