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The upcoming full moon is not only a blue moon, but will also fall under the sign of Aquarius. Aquarius energy is all about connection and shaking things up, so it is no surprise that this full moon will have a major impact on our intimate and romantic relationships.

On August 22nd, we will encounter our second Aquarius full moon, making it a seasonal blue moon. The last time this happened was in the Spring of 2019. And what makes this all the more interesting is the fact that it falls on the last degree of the sign, which makes it the last chance for Aquarius to express itself before it changes signs. This is often referred to as the Anaretic degree- which can intensify the energy of the sign.

In turn, you may be feeling a strong urge to connect with others, and a strong urge to amp up your $ex life as well. Whatever it is that you are driven towards right now- you are likely feeling a sense of urgency to get things done and to get them done right.

Not only will this full moon intensify your $ex life, but it will also bring about a sense of luck, as it will be in close conjunction with Jupiter. Jupiter is a planet closely associated with fortune and expansion.

When luck and love are intrinsically tied together through an energetic shift, it could potentially help us to connect more deeply with new connections in our life and also push us towards finding more meaningful interactions with others.

And as Jupiter and Venus both add their energy to the mix, this full moon will likely push you to focus more on the romantic aspects of your journey. You may find that you are growing tired of casual connections and be pushed towards establishing a serious relationship. If you are dealing with troubles in your current situation, this moon may also give you the gumption to ask yourself if your romantic situation is truly working for you, or if it’s time to change direction.

For a more personal understanding of how the moon will affect you check out the following horoscopes to understand how the moon will affect each individual zodiac sign.


The upcoming full moon will affect your house of networking and partnership, so you will likely feel pushed to question your relationships with others. Now is the time to find clarity in these connections and decide which ones are most deserving of your time and energy.


During the full moon, you will start to put your focus your professional life and well-being. If you aren’t being recognized in your professional environment, you may start to question your worth. However, it may be best to shift your question, not to your worth, but to the environments you are currently in.


To really harness the energies at play, take advantage of the fact that the full moon will fall in your ninth house of adventure, while Venus will be in your fifth house of romance. If your love life is suffering, try reaching past your comfort zone and try to shake things up by trying something new.


Cancer will be feeling the love from their favorite friends and family during this time, and start to feel incredibly secure in themselves and in their network of support. Take time to bask in that by reaching out to those supportive friends, and family members and letting them know they are appreciated.


With this moon affecting your houses of partnership and communication, you will likely feel pushed to communicate your thoughts, feelings, and desires to those closest to you. If you have been needing to have a heart-to-heart with your person of interest or partner, now is the time.


You will likely be feeling pushed to spend time on your self-care and to find a way to relax and rejuvenate. You may be working too hard, and eventually, it will lead you to burnout. Take this time to decompress and compose yourself. It will help immensely.


Libra’s hyper-sensual side is likely to come out during the full moon, providing a perfect opportunity to experiment and have fun. Take this opportunity to spend some time with your partner, or to just enjoy yourself. Regardless, you would be crazy to miss out on this opportunity to explore your sensuality.


Stop tip-toeing around the feelings of others, and stand up for yourself. It’s time you were honest with both yourself and those closest to you. You don’t have to lose it on them- but stand your ground and be assertive. If it pushes anyone away, they likely aren’t worth the effort you’ve been giving them anyways.


Be careful with your words during this time. You may feel the need to air your feelings- but the words you say to others have power. Choose them carefully. Otherwise, you may come off as a drama queen.


Luck and abundance are likely to come your way during this time. And since you have likely been having financial issues as of late, this will be a pleasant surprise that is much needed. But, be careful not to spend it all in one place.


Lately, you may have been more passive to others than you wish to be. During this moon, you will be pushed to take back your power and assert control over others. Just be careful not to get power-hungry.


You are on a journey of healing. Unfortunately, this journey will likely cause you to lose a few connections in your life. However, I wouldn’t worry or rush to save them. Your growth shouldn’t push people away- and the ones who leave your side when you are finally finding peace amongst the chaos aren’t for you.