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Toxic relationships are something most people want no part in but that doesn’t mean they won’t end up within one. Sadly, in this day and age, toxic relationships are far more common than they should be.

Toxic relationships are something we as people need to be aware of. They can cause damage to us on several different levels and the more we understand this the better. Actually it seems there are health hazards that could be associated with toxic relationships and perhaps being aware of those things is crucial for moving forth on a proper note. Being in a toxic relationship doesn’t just make you feel unloved, it makes you feel on edge in some cases and drained in all ways possible. 

Toxic relationships take serious tolls on the people stuck within them and not only does their self-esteem suffer, but their wellbeing as a whole also plummets big time. You might feel as if you have no energy, are always feeling worse than before when spending time with this toxic individual, and even in danger and unsafe near him/her. Toxicity comes in many forms and that form could be mild or extreme depending on the person. 

If you’re unhappy and struggling within your relationship considering whether you’re stuck in something toxic is important. If you’re being gaslighted, unable to hear your inner voice out, isolated, and out of place, something is seriously wrong. The more you allow this relationship to flourish the worse you’re going to feel. On an emotional and even physical level, after a while, toxic relationships take tolls on us. They wear us down and leave us wondering who we even are now that all is said and done.

When you’re in a toxic relationship you can feel so many things and suffer so much more than you could ever imagine. Nothing is ever the same for two people and so your toxic experience might not be the same as mine and that’s fine but understanding that your story is still valid is crucial in moving forth. Whether you’re feeling beaten down or just as if you’re going through some kind of disconnect, your suffering is valid. 

For more information on all of this and what kinds of effects toxic relationships have on us please check out the video below. This kind of thing is underplayed more often than not and that should never be the case. Be willing to stand up for yourself above all else.

Your emotional wellbeing is important and you deserve to be where you want to be in regards. There are tons of dangers associated with toxic people and being wary of that is important. Hold your own properly and educate yourself further before you find yourself stuck where you never wanted to be.