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The Universe itself works in mysterious ways. Sometimes you know what’s coming and other times you’re hit with something you never would have imagined. 

When it comes to finding the right people and why the Universe sends those people into our lives, a lot goes into it. We are sent different people for different things. Some of those people are meant to help us grow and others perhaps to just lend a shoulder to cry on. While it might not always seem like it everyone you come across in this world serves a purpose in your life.

Below I am going to go over some of those reasons and break them down. Sure you might not understand things right off the bat but in time they will all make sense. Life in itself is something we’ve planned out in more ways than our conscious self is aware of.

6 Reasons Why The Universe Sends The ‘Right People’ Into Our Lives:

1. The Universe sees your manifestation efforts.

The Universe hears your calls and when you work to manifest someone or something in your life in the correct manner things will pay off as you’d expect. The more you believe in yourself and the Universe the more you will find in this world. That includes love.

2. The Universe knows we need support.

The Universe knows when we’re feeling alone and what we can or cannot handle. If we’re at our breaking point support will be offered. The Universe never places us before something we cannot handle alone on our own. 

3. The Universe needs you to repay a karmic debt.

Sometimes the Universe will put people before you that you feel quite drawn to or feel the need to help and this is a way for you to repay karmic debts. Through bringing these people before you the Universe is helping you along your journey. Once all is said and done you will be a better version of yourself for experiencing these things.

4. The Universe sees that you need to be pushed.

Sometimes the right people show up at the perfect time to get us up off of our feet and working on things we should be working on. When we fall stagnant in our life paths the Universe tends to send us people who mix everything up. While this might be a bit odd at first, you will get used to it.

5. The Universe is using you.

Sometimes the right people to show up in our lives might feel weird or out of place to us, this is because instead of us learning from them they are more-so learning from us. The Universe has a plan and that plan is being carried out each day. Pay close attention to these things and you will begin to see the signs.

6. The Universe sends us people to wake us up.

Sometimes we have to come across people in this world who help us to get to a higher level. These people might be positive or negative depending on what we need. The Universe knows what kind of awakening we are in need of and adjusts things accordingly. We learn a lot of lessons through these kinds of connections.