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This week might not be one you’re ready for but it will hold a lot for each of us. If you’re nervous about the last bit of November, perhaps you shouldn’t be.

From time to time I like to do random card pulls to assess the overall vibe of the week to come and today I felt like doing exactly that. The cards I ended up pulling showed me that this week for each and every one of us is going to be powerful. It is going to help us grow and really remind us that the universe itself holds us to a higher standard because it truly believes in us.

Below I am going to go over the four cards I pulled and what they mean. While some of these might be hit or miss for you, chances are something here will end up being true for you this week. Things really are finally beginning to look up.

Eight Of Swords

This card reveals to us that many of us have been feeling trapped for quite some time which seems accurate considering the pandemic. While you might not see a clear way out right now, this card shows us that things will end up changing if we are willing to see the situations before us properly. We must free ourselves in the ways that work best for us.

King Of Wands

This card is one that not many people realize is quite positive overall. This card shows us that many of us are working hard and making the changes we need to make. We are taking charge of our lives and living truer to ourselves than most others are willing to. While it might not sound like much this card is quite powerful.

The World

This card is one that shows us that some of us are going through a lot. There are big changes before us and some of those changes might be scary. That being said, they will help us grow in huge ways. When we draw this card we should spend some of our time reflecting on how far we’ve come.

The Empress

When we find this card making its way out of our decks, we should stop and consider what is to come. This card represents a lot and shows us that balance is something we need. It reminds us that we are doing better than some of the other people in this world and that we have it better than we tend to realize. While you might be struggling, abundance is near.