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As we move throughout our day to day lives a lot of things that happen are meant to show or tell us something specific. While we do not often take the time to better understand what that something is, we should be.

The universe itself is constantly in communication with us. It speaks to us in many ways and the more we listen the further in life we will be able to get. If you’re currently stuck in a rut, chances are it’s because you’re not listening to the universe properly. The universe sends us messages in the form of coincidences, literal signs, and sometimes much more than that. The world around you is a catalyst of offerings in this regard.

Through many different means, the universe sends us clues and guides us along our journies within this world. Below I am going to go over some of the more common things/ways in which the universe works to communicate with us all. If these things are happening and you’re not giving them a second thought, you’re most likely missing some serious messages. We are all being offered something, will you take what this universe wants you to?

7 Ways The Universe Communicates With Us:

1. Messages In Our Dreams

A lot of the time our dreams mean more than we know. There are messages happening in our dreams and the more we analyze them the more we see the things being shared with us. Because the veil is thinnest when we are in our dream state, we are able to take in a lot more.

2. Song Lyrics/Timing

Sometimes the universe makes sure we hear what we need to hear at the right time. This can and usually does happen through song lyrics. Perhaps you’re down in the dumps and the universe somehow makes you want to turn on your radio only for you to find your favorite upbeat song playing. This in itself is a way for the universe to bring you to a happier place in your life.

3. Things In Nature

A lot of the things we see in nature are put before us with reason behind them. You might see the same kinds of animals frequently or even just feel a specific type of way based on something that you’re around. Nature is something we are more connected with than we tend to come to terms with properly.

4. Synchronicities

Synchronicities are a wide variety of things that happen and are basically all meaningful coincidences. You might think about someone and then see them or perhaps mention something for it to happen shortly after. You can click here to read more about synchronicity, it is something you really need a lot of time to delve into.

5. Serious or Minor Setbacks

When one door closes another opens and you should never forget that. A serious or minor setback could be protecting you from something terrible whether you’re able to really see it or not right off the bat. For instance, you might be late for work to find out that something bad happened at work anyways.

6. Numbers

Numerology is a very important thing that many people forget to look into. If you’re seeing the same number be it a double/triple or not you should look into it. Each number we see means something and if you’re drawn to one the message behind it is worth looking into.

7. Random Thoughts

Have you ever thought something that felt foreign to you? Perhaps it doesn’t feel like your own thought at all? This could be th