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Have you ever noticed how intense some of the zodiac signs are? It’s like we all have our own gifts and powers that are unique to the sign we are associated with.

Because we are all energetic beings in a way we are all empaths. Empaths work through energy, the energy surrounding emotions that is. While some of us are more aware of this kind of things others have no clue at all. Below you will find a list of the different kinds of empaths and the zodiac sign each one is associated with most closely.

This should make things a lot easier to understand, we all have abilities within. Becoming aware of those abilities whether they ‘normal’ or not. We are all able to help others and change the way the world sees things, do you think your empath type matches your sign?

Aries: Intellectual Empath

You are able to really get deep into the things you are saying. When it comes to talking things through with those who need advice you are the empath to go to. You make sure to go the extra mile and get everything out in the open and explained properly.

Taurus: Emotional Empath

You are a bit more emotional than the other kinds of empaths. You take things on much more deeply than they do and it sometimes comes back to bite you in the butt. You have got to get this under control. You can’t keep being so selfless.

Gemini: Intuitive Empath

You are someone that just knows things. Your intuition is always spot on about those around you and it helps you to help others in ways most people cannot. When someone needs you to do something you just know.

Cancer: Fauna Empath

You are the kind of empath that is always out in nature. You love helping animals and the environment just as much as you love helping people. You are able to connect with just about anyone.

Leo: Receptive Empath

You are drastically impacted by the energies around you. Because of this, you are constantly working as hard as you can to make the environment a positive one. This is why everyone thinks you are so spotlight oriented, you are just doing your best to make those around you proud.

Virgo: Gaia Empath

You work well with others and are always sensing a deep connection. Most people wait their whole lives to find the oneness that you were born with. You are able to grow from even the tiniest change.

Libra: Animal Empath

You care for animals more than people. You are always taking in strays and donating to shelters. Nothing warms your heart quite like helping those who do not have a voice of their own.

Sagittarius: Astral Empath

You are able to sense the things that are going on in different planes of existence. Because of this, you are a wanderer. You go about your business helping whoever you can along the way.

Scorpio: Chameleon Empath

This is one of the most important kinds of empaths. You are able to really learn from the things others go through. You feel everything and are still able to let it go. While you struggle with your own emotions the emotions of others are a piece of cake almost always.

Capricorn: Flora Empath

You are very plant oriented and I know that is going to sound a bit odd. You are the kind of person who looks for herbal means of medicine rather than opting for the conventional approach. You are a healer in this way.

Aquarius: Questioning Empath

You are forever searching for meaning in things. You love helping others and you see it as your purpose but you want more than that. You are someone who values honesty and surrounds yourself with people that care for you. You get the best of both worlds, you take care of people and are taken care of by people.

Pisces: Physical Empath

You are someone that is able to comfort others without words. A mere pat on the back from you can sometimes be all someone needs. This is an intense power that most others would not know how to handle.