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We’ve all heard that eating too much sugar or sugar, in general, can contribute to the spread or growth of cancer cells within the body but how true is that? Well, as it seems things are a bit more complicated than most would like to accept.

When it comes to this topic evidence is lacking on both sides within reason. There is no denying that cancer cells do feed on sugar within the body (glucose) as all of our cells already rely on glucose or sugar for energy. We need sugar in some form to be able to function properly as human beings. That being said, we eat a lot of things in current times that we shouldn’t added sugars and sugar substitutes are where things begin to get a bit tricky.

For one, eating foods high in sugar are going to through weight gain increase your cancer risks as obesity increases it greatly but that is not where this topic ends. Studies in a wide and limitless variety have shown that there are tons of links between artificial sweeteners and cancer so avoiding those is always something that should be done if not at least limiting can help. The more aware you are of different kinds of sugars and where they’re hidden the better you can protect yourself within reason.

Rogel Cancer Center wrote as follows in regards to the link between cancer and sugar intake:

“According to research, increased risk of cancer is not seen with sugar intake. Instead, cancer risk may be related to how your body responds to sugar. If you eat sugar-rich foods all by themselves, especially if you are insulin-resistant, there is a greater spike in your blood sugars. These spikes result in an increased insulin-like growth factor (IGF), which has been shown to help cancer cells grow. If blood glucose levels are better controlled less IGF is released which likely will decrease cancer growth.”

Being smart about sugar intake is the key to really reducing the potential risks that could in some forms come forth from consumption. Limiting simple sugars and reducing sugary beverage consumption can go a long way. The more you opt for natural sugars the better. Adding more fruit and less ‘candy’ to your diet might be all you need to avoid cancer on some levels.

All of this having been said, there is increasing evidence that there is something more hidden in regards to sugar and cancer. You can click here to read all about that or check out the video below. What do you think about all of this? Do you think this link is present or is there something we’re all missing?