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While it might not seem like introverts and extroverts have much in common, they’re pretty similar in a lot of ways. Introverted people are not always as boring or lonely as they are made out to be and people need to realize that.

Yes as an introvert someone might crave solitude sometimes and spend a lot more time at home than others do but that doesn’t mean they’re miserable. Introverted people are perfectly happy taking care of themselves and being in their own company. In many ways, you could say introverted people are more comfortable with their truest emotions than extroverts because of the way they choose to live.

Introverts like to talk to other people but only if it’s a conversation worth having. We don’t want to beat around the bush or share things without meaning. If we cannot talk about something deep and revealing we don’t waste our time. Time is precious, and we don’t have much of it, that’s something introverts have learned throughout the years.

While you might have heard things about introverts like ‘they make bad leaders’ or they’re not any fun but those things just aren’t true. Actually introverted people sometimes make the best leaders. Just because a person is introverted doesn’t mean they don’t like being around other people. Introverted people can be a lot of fun if you get to know them or manage to snag a spot within their small circle.

Sure, we might not be the most popular people, and we might not fit in with every crowd, but we’re caring, honest, energetic, and in many ways able to offer this world a lot. Don’t just judge us because of stereotypes you’ve heard. Nothing in this life can be summed up through a mere stereotype and that is something you all should have learned by now.

We might not talk much, but we have a lot to offer. We are very useful to those in our lives and always going out of our way to help others. We don’t let the ideas that others have of us stop us from being ourselves, and we become more and more aware of how our futures will unfold as time passes. There honestly isn’t much that holds us back even if you’re unable to see that.

Just because we’re not always good at expressing ourselves and cannot stand big crowds in some situations doesn’t mean you should dismiss us as friends or even romantic interests. Whether you’re an omnivert or leaning towards either side of things, you matter and you do not have to fit yourself into a box. Introverted people are just as important as everyone else, and they can be just as charming and charismatic as those who are extroverted.

Stop judging books by their covers and take the time to read them properly. Consider your friend group? Who is the most introverted and how do you feel about that person? See, we’re all important in our own ways.